Pre-Recruitment Eligibility Test (PREET)

By | March 13, 2016

Gujarat government in the last 24 months, which means that the files preserved pre-recruitment Eligibility Test ‘tv’ will come out now. 66 thousand to tide over the next three years, the government has decided to be completed in the year 2016-17. Therefore, the General Administration Department of the tests rather than hiring the same type of public Preet agreed in February ’14 ’employees test out new search and appointments.

Gujarat Public Service Commission, the subordinate service and recruiting new officers from multiple agencies such as the Department of Panchayat Service Selection Committees congregations, held examinations for recruitment. But investors took questions about the transparency of the agencies in the past few years. Gresinga setingakandana disputes in court. Exams and papers talent to convene again to cancel events. The Assembly has been the recruitment of 66 thousand government jobs garabadone due to be released by the government before the elections proceed -2017 ‘pritana actual implementation of the Department of General Administration held that the purpose of clean, paradarsakapane. 66 thousand in the same cadre of new space will be recruited only on the basis of an examination of his recruitment by different agencies in different arbitrage ‘pritane.

Eligibility pre-recruitment test or pre-qualification tests to recruit millions of young people will be admitted to the state government nokarivancchu task birth often exempt from the exam. Just wanting to pass an examination, it will receive the opportunity for a government job priority in poverty. The class will also reduce the burden on a one-to and technical cadre recruitment agencies.

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