BISAG Vande Gujarat Programme Schedule Channel 03 to 16 @

By | December 4, 2016

BISAG Vande Gujarat Programme Schedule Channel 03 to 16  @ 

BISAG provides specialized services and solutions in implementing map-based GeoSpatial Information Systems. BISAG undertakes all services for the entire process of implementing an enterprise level GIS system. These services include GIS database design and development, map creation/updation and finishing, data migration/conversion and format translation, software development and customisation, systems integration and technical consulting.BISAG also provides complete GIS solutions, which bundle hardware, and software with GIS systems development services.

BISAG provides a full complement of specialized services in implementing end-to-end GeoSpatial Technology applications in the areas of Ground Control Survey,Digital Photogrammetry, Digital Terrain / Elevation Models and Contouring, Vector Data Capture, Digital Orthophotography and Ortho-mosaicing, Image Analysis and Interpretation for Thematic Mapping, Cadastral / Parcel Mapping, GIS Database Design and Development, Map Creation / Updation and Finishing, Data Migration/Conversion and Format Translation, Software Development and Customization, Geodatabase Modeling as well as high-end Domain & GeoSpatial Technical Consulting and Support.

BISAG has strengthened its range of high-end GeoSpatial services in large-scale mapping by using advanced Photogrammetry and D-GPS technologies to cover elevation modelling, surface modelling and true ortho-photo generation.

BISAG offers comprehensive GIS/PHOTOGRAMMETRIC solutions over large geographical areas. These include solutions and services in the areas of mapping, cartography, imaging, photogrammetry and utility / environment resource management. BISAG provides solutions based on Remote Sensing, using Multi-spectral data, for specific applications like agricultural crop monitoring, watershed management, forest fire mapping etc.

Programme Schedule for 16 Channels

Programme Schedule
Sr.NoChannel Name
1VANDE Gujarat-3
2VANDE Gujarat-6
3VANDE Gujarat-7
4VANDE Gujarat-8
5VANDE Gujarat-9
6VANDE Gujarat-10
7VANDE Gujarat-11
8VANDE Gujarat-12
9VANDE Gujarat-13
10STD- 9 & 10 -Science-VANDE Gujarat-14
11VANDE Gujarat-15
12STD- 9 & 10- MATHS-VANDE Gujarat-16