Bank of Baroda PO (PGDBF) Final Result for Batch -19 & 20 Year 2016-17

By | December 7, 2016

Bank of Baroda PO (PGDBF) Final Result for Batch -19 & 20 Year 2016-17

We refer to the detailed advertisement dated 02.08.2016 in leading newspapers / notification on our Bank’s website inviting applications for admission to Baroda Manipal School of Banking (BMSB) 2016-17. Online test for the same was conducted on 25.09.2016. Group Discussion and Interviews of the candidates found successful in the online test were conducted during the period from 07.11.2016 to 12.11.2016.

In our detailed Advertisement it is mentioned, that Bank may form -03- batches of -400- students in each batch. However, in view of the period left during the year, it has been decided to form -02- batches of around -600- students in each batch (keeping the maximum intake of -1200- candidates during the year as unchanged). After induction of the first batch, the Bank will still have the rights to reduce the number of students to be taken in the second batch depending on the requirements of the Bank at that time.

Hence, on the basis of performance of the candidates in the Online test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview, Bank is releasing list of -600- candidates who are found provisionally eligible for admission (in the order of merit) to the 19th Batch (2016-17) of Post Graduate Certificate Program in Banking & Finance at Baroda Manipal School of Banking, Bengaluru, subject to being found medically fit and verification of their eligibility / submission of requisite certificates / documents.

19th BATCH (2016-17) – (Click here to view the List)

Necessary intimation is being sent to the above candidates selected for the 19th Batch, by E-Mail and/or Post with the details regarding the medical examination, completion of further formalities, etc. On receipt of such E-mails, Candidates have to intimate their acceptance of the offer by E-Mail within 3 days from the date of sending of the offer by E-Mail.

The date of reporting of the candidates of the 19th Batch at the Baroda Manipal School of Banking Campus, Bengaluru will be 19th December 2016. The details of the same and other formalities to be completed by the candidates before their reporting at the campus will be contained in the offer letter.

 Bank is also publishing the category wise list of candidates in the order of merit, who shall be considered for the 20th Batch in the order of merit and following all norms, as applicable.

20th BATCH – (Click here to view the List)

It may be noted that a maximum of -600- students inclusive of dropouts / cancellations in the first batch will be finally selected for the 20th Batch and candidates from this list in the order of merit shall be reckoned, category wise during the year 2016-17. The category wise break up for the total of 600 students for the 20th batch is as under:













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